AquaWatch aims to develop international water quality information systems based on Earth observations with a focus on the developing world. Water Quality monitoring is a large multi-faceted field with many areas that need to be addressed. AquaWatch has chosen to focus on transforming data to information based on user needs within this water quality theme.

Two major types of data required for this effort are: (1) remotely-sensed water quality data, including current sensor, algorithm, and data processing and distribution systems and subsequent water quality information systems for inland and coastal waters and (2) in situ water quality data, with the development of new information systems including water-quality data assimilation systems focused on sediment and nutrient fluxes and budgets.

For further information, see the AquaWatch Work Plan and Structure .


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Remote Sensing journal: Special Issue "Water Quality": call for manuscripts

International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium,
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