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The Project in the Spotlight is a feature of this webpage where we highlight a new or ongoing water quality project every other month. If you would like us to feature your project please contact Marianne Leuzinger or Steve Greb.

EONEMP: The integration of Earth Observation into the National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme

Satellite earth observation is being integrated into the government’s programme to monitor cyanobacteria and eutrophication in South Africa. EONEMP exploits MERIS and OLCI data to provide information to authorities and the public to manage and mitigate the harmful effects of potentially toxic cyanobacteria blooms and nutrient enrichment. The project also focuses on quantitative validation for Sentinel-3, contributing towards improved products from OLCI for inland waters. The information can be accessed here.
Picture: EONEMP


AquaWatch Work Package 3: Call for turbidity and reflectance Data

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ASLO Meeting Feb 26 - Mar 3, 2017, Hawaii
Session 031 Global remote sensing of inland waters

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